MONOKOTE® Z-3306 Thermal barrier

Our fire protective coating is specifcally formulated for application over rigid, urethane and polystyrene foam plastics, it forms a hard, durable, mono-lithic thermal barrier against heat and fire.

Monokote has been successfully fire-tested and has a proven field and laboratory records for performance, reliability, ease of application and low in-place cost.

Z-3306 is a mill-mixed product requiring only the addition of water. It can be easily applied to required thickness in a single pass resulting in an efficient, low cost method of meeting building code and insurance requirements.

• Proven fire test performance
• Economical
• Workable
• Damage resistant
• Humidity resistant
• Washable
• Can be used in breweries, freezers and coolers
• Bond strength—500 lbs/ft2
•Can be used for fruit and vegetable storage
• Ice arenas and recreation centers
• Indoor tennis courts and swimming pools
• Pig and dairy barns
• Seed storage and processing
• Water treatment plants
• Color—Grey or off-white


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